平成23年(2011年)度 GCOEセミナー

Date Speaker Title
2012/03/23 Prof. Hideki Mochizuki
( HOST : S. Shiosaka)
Pathogenesis of Parkinson"s disease [in Japanese]
2012/03/23 Prof. Ko Shinoda
( HOST : S. Shiosaka)
Morphology and function of the neurocytoplasmic inclusion, "the stigmoid body (STB)", and the STB/HAP1 neuroprotection hypothesis [in Japanese]
2012/02/14 Assis. Prof. Juergen Ehlting
( HOST : T. Demura)
Molecular Mechanisms in Plant Natural Product Evolution
2012/02/13 Dr. Hiro Takahashi
( HOST : M. Aida)
バイオインフォマティクスを駆使したゲノム網羅的解析 [in Japanese]
2012/01/27 Dr. Yoshikazu Kawai
( HOST : N. Ogasawara)
Cell growth and proliferation without a wall in Bacillus subtilis L-forms [in Japanese]
2012/01/27 Prof. Barry Wanner
( HOST : H. Mori)
Towards Development of Robust Optimized Chassis (ROCs) for Whole Cell Modeling and Making Efficient, Safe, and Secure Biofactories
2012/01/26 Prof. Hsueh-Fen Juan
( HOST : H. Mori)
Integrative network analysis reveals active microRNAs and their functions in gastric cancer
2012/01/17 Assis. Prof. Takaaki Watanabe
( HOST : M. Akiyama)
New approach to elucidate the molecular mechanisms for gene amplification [in Japanese]
2011/12/22 Dr. Fejani Ali
( HOST : Y. Fukao)
発芽後の成長および葉のサイズ制御におけるH+- 輸送性ピロホスファターゼ(H+-PPase)の役割 [in Japanese]
2011/12/13 Dr. Marta Moita
( HOST : S. Komai)
Mechanisms of fear from self experience and the observation of others.
2011/12/13 Dr. Alex Reyes
( HOST : S. Komai)
Co-existence of lateral and cotuned inhibitory configurations in auditory cortex
2011/12/12 Dr. Olivier Cuvillier
( HOST : H. Itoh)
Sphingosine 1-phosphate as a target for cancer therapy
2011/12/07 Dr. Arp Schnittger
& Dr. Hirofumi Harashima
( HOST : M. Umeda)
Towards the network architecture of cyclin-dependent kinase function
2011/12/05 Dr. Jihong Liu Clarke
( HOST : H. Ashida)
Dengue Fever - plant derived vaccines and other coping strategies in a changing climate
2011/11/30 Dr. Tatsuo Shibata
( HOST : Y. Bessho)
走化性細胞における自発的な極性形成と応答に、実験と理論からアプローチする [in Japanese]
2011/11/29 Prof. Tan Inoue
( HOST : T. N. Sato)
RNP Synthetic Biology [in Japanese]
2011/11/25 Prof. John Hamill
( HOST : T. Hashimoto )
Production of antigenic proteins in transgenic Solanaceous tissues lacking capacity for toxic nicotine alkaloid synthesis
2011/11/25 Prof. Hideki Taguchi
( HOST : K. Kohno)
The role of chaperones in the cell: revisiting protein aggregates [in Japanese]
2011/11/10 Prof. John Harada
( HOST : M. Tasaka)
Gene Networks that Underlie Arabidopsis Seed Development
2011/11/10 Dr. Neil Hunter
( HOST : H. Maki )
Joint Molecule Resolution During Meiotic Recombination
2011/11/04 Prof. Ashwani Kumar
( HOST : K. Akashi)
2011/10/28 Prof. Yoshikatsu Matsubayashi
( HOST : S. Takayama)
Secreted Peptide Signals Required for Maintenance of Root Stem Cell Niche in Arabidopsis [in Japanese]
2011/10/27 Assoc. Prof. Satoshi Sawai
( HOST : N. Inagaki)
Self-organization of cellular assembiy by fluctuation and wave [in Japanese]
2011/10/25 Prof. Shosei Yoshida
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Mouse spermatogenic stem cells and their spatio-temporal regulation in the testis [in Japanese]
2011/10/24 Dr. Masayuki Tsuchiya
( HOST : H. Itoh)
Current status and future aspect on Bio / Antibody drugs [in Japanese]
2011/10/19 Prof. Akira Kikuchi
( HOST : H. Itoh)
Wnt5a: Its signaling, functions, and implication in diseases [in Japanese]
2011/10/14 Prof. Tetsuya Higashiyama
( HOST : S. Takayama)
Live-cell analysis of pollen tube guidance and double fertilization [in Japanese]
2011/10/12 Dr. Akiharu Kubo
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Mechanism of epidermal barrier and its dysfunction in atopic diseases [in Japanese]
2011/10/07 Prof. Hirokazu Tsukaya
( HOST : M. Tasaka)
Leaf size regulation: what mechanisms coordinate cell number and size in leaves? [in Japanese]
2011/10/06 Dr. Erina Kuranaga
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
In vivo analysis of apoptosis in looping morphogenesis [in Japanese]
2011/09/27 Prof. Ted Powers
( HOST : K. Shiozaki)
Control of Cell Growth and the TOR Signaling Network: Lessons from Budding Yeast
2011/09/26 Prof. Kazushige Touhara
( HOST : H. Itoh)
Mechanisms for sensing pheromones [in Japanese]
2011/09/21 Assoc. Prof. Joost Holthuis
( HOST : K. Kohno)
Control of mitochondrial apoptosis by a putative ceramide sensor in the ER
2011/09/20 Ms. Kylee Peterson
( HOST : M. Umeda)
Live imaging of stomatal determinants reveals dynamic interaction among precursor cells
2011/09/20 Dr. Takato Imaizumi
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Transcriptional regulation of CONSTANS in photoperiodic flowering in Arabidopsis
2011/09/12 Dr. Shunsuke Miyashima
( HOST : K. Nakajima)
The role of symplastic connection during Arabidopsis development [in Japanese]
2011/09/08 Prof. Ingo Potrykus
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Golden Rice, a GMO-product for public good
2011/09/02 Dr. Nobuhiko Miyasaka
( HOST : S. Komai)
Beyond the olfactory bulb: genetic dissection of neural circuits for olfactory behaviors in zebrafish [in Japanese]
2011/08/31 Assis. Prof. Yosuke Tamada
( HOST : T. Kurata)
Epigenetic activation of FLOWERING LOCUS C by Arabidopsis trithorax genes
2011/07/20 Dr. Yoshiki Habu
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Silencing of endogenous loci by Morpheus’ Molecule1 in Arabidopsis thaliana. [in Japanese]
2011/07/13 Prof. Akira Ishihama
( HOST : H. Mori)
Prokaryotic Genome Regulation: Multi-factor Promoters, Multi-target Regulators and Regulation Networks
2011/07/13 Prof. Tyrrell Conway
( HOST : H. Mori)
Transcriptome Analysis of E. coli and Integration of RNA-Seq data in GenExpDB
2011/07/11 Dr. Chitose Kami
( HOST : A. Yokota)
How is phototropism controlled by phy- and phot-dependent pathways in low blue light? [in Japanese]
2011/07/04 Dr. Katsura Asano
( HOST : H. Takagi)
Mechanisms of translational control by eIF4G and eIF3 [in Japanese]
2011/06/13 Dr. Peter Lund
( HOST : H. Mori)
Using high throughput methods to study the E. coli acid stress response
2011/06/07 Dr. Hironaka Tsukagoshi
( HOST : S. Takayama)
UPBEAT1, which controls transition from proliferation to differentiation in the Root via ROS [in Japanese]
2011/06/06 Prof. Mutsuo Sekiguchi
( HOST : H. Maki )
Genetic stability, carcinogenesis and aging control [in Japanese]
2011/06/02 Prof. Jian-Ren Shen
( HOST : A. Yokota)
Atomic structure of photosystem II enabling photosynthetic oxygen evolution [in Japanese]
2011/06/02 Prof. Shinya Yoshikawa
( HOST : T. Hakoshima)
Reaction mechanism of cytochrome oxidase revealed by fusion of chemistry and biology [in Japanese]
2011/06/01 Dr. Tomoyasu Sugiyama
( HOST : H. Ochi)
Selective mRNA elimination: a conserved mechanism for preventing differentiation? [in Japanese]
2011/05/12 Prof. Cheng Yan Kao
( HOST : H. Mori)
Application of Systems Biology on the Research of Mental Disorders
2011/04/28 Dr. Naomi Nakayama
( HOST : S. Takeda)
Mechanical regulation of auxin mediates organ growth control
2011/04/22 Dr. Takashi Suzuki
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
How do cell-surface molecules specify synaptic-layer targeting in the visual system [in Japanese]
2011/04/11 Prof. Hans J. Bohnert
( HOST : A. Yokota)
The Genome of an Extremophile, Thellungiella parvula (Brassicaceae)
2011/04/08 Dr. Kaori Miyawaki
( HOST : T. Kurata)
Transcriptional switching factor and its direct targets for reprogramming to stem cells in Physcomitrella patens [in Japanese]
2011/04/08 Prof. Hisataka Sabe
( HOST : M. Kawaichi)
Early dissemination of cancer cells;from view point of EMT [in Japanese]
2011/04/06 Prof. Koichi Iwata
( HOST : S. Shiosaka)
痛み受容に対する大脳の役割 [in Japanese]