平成22年(2010年)度 GCOEセミナー 開催履歴

Date Speaker Title
2011/03/29 Prof. Hideo Yamasaki
( HOST : H. Takagi)
Nitric Oxide Production Mechanisms in Plants and Algae [in Japanese]
2011/03/28 Dr. Takashi Murata
( HOST : T. Hashimoto )
Detection and its possible roles of microtubule depolymerization gradient in plant cytokinesis [in Japanese]
2011/03/22 Dr. Taisuke Nishimura
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
The epigenetic factors acting downstream of DNA methylation in Arabidopsis
2011/03/17 Dr. Pierre-Antoine Defossez
( HOST : E. Matsuda)
New human proteins that bind methylated DNA: the role of ZBTB4 and ZBTB38
2011/03/17 Dr. Alexey Ruzov
( HOST : E. Matsuda)
Lineage specific distribution of high levels of genomic 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in mammalian development
2011/03/17 Dr. Yanina Tsenkina
( HOST : E. Matsuda)
Epigenetic determinants in the healthy and diseased brain: focus on 5- hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) and neurodegeneration
2011/03/16 Dr. Vance Lemmon
( HOST : Y. Sakumura)
Functional Genomics: Phenotypic screening of large gene sets to identify genes that promote nerve regeneration
2011/02/28 Prof. Michael Naumann
( HOST : J. Kato)
NF-kB control by the COP9 signalosome
2011/02/25 Dr. Somen Nandi
( HOST : H. Ashida)
Expression and Characterization of Mothers milk proteins in Mature Rice Seeds
2011/02/18 Prof. Mathew Vadas
( HOST : T. N. Sato)
Dynamic phenotypes of endothelium: inflammation, angiogenesis and senescence
2011/02/04 Dr. Tomohiko Murakami
( HOST : S. Shiosaka)
Endoplasmic reticulum stress transducer OASIS and skeletal development [in Japanese]
2011/02/04 Dr. Yoshitami Hashimoto
( HOST : T. N. Sato)
Analysis of the formation and maintenance of replication forks using Xenopus egg extract
2011/02/01 Dr. Kyoji Urayama
( HOST : T. N. Sato)
Role of prokineticins and their receptors in cardiovascular system
2011/01/31 Dr. Bertrand Pain
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Chicken Embryonic stem cells as a non mammalian stem cell model
2011/01/28 Prof. Barry L. Wanner
( HOST : H. Mori)
Towards development of a simplified cell
2011/01/27 Dr. Koreaki Ito
( HOST : K. Kohno)
Functional significance of nascent polypeptidyl-tRNAs [in Japanese]
2011/01/13 Dr. Hideki Nishitoh
( HOST : K. Kohno)
Physiological and pathophysiological roles of ER stress triggered by the conformational change of SOD1 [in Japanese]
2011/01/11 Dr. Takashi Obayashi
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
ATTED-II version 6: a coexpression database to analyze multiple condition-specific gene coexpressions for a broad range of plants.
2011/01/07 Dr. Tadayuki Shimada
( HOST : N. Inagaki)
14-3-3 proteins regulate axonal growth cone responses by regulating PKA activity [in Japanese]
2010/12/14 Prof. Takahiro Kunisada
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Neural Crest cells as multi-potential stem cells [in Japanese]
2010/12/13 Assis. Prof. Simon Chan
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
Centromere competition after fertilization creates haploid plants
2010/12/06 Dr. Jerome Gros
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
The Cellular Events Shaping the Vertebrate Embryo
2010/11/22 Assoc. Prof. Dov Stekel
( HOST : N. Ogasawara)
Deconstructing a regulatory network: mathematical models of the global regulators of IncP1 plasmids
2010/11/22 Assoc. Prof. Jon Hobman
( HOST : N. Ogasawara)
Antimicrobial metals- back to the future?
2010/11/19 Prof. Nozomu Koizumi
( HOST : T. Demura)
Membrane-bound Transcription Factors in Arabidopsis [in Japanese]
2010/11/19 Prof. Maarten Koornneef 
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Seed dormancy in Arabidopsis: From genes to population genetics
2010/11/19 Prof. George Coupland
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Seasonal Flowering in Annual and Perennial Plants
2010/11/18 Prof. Didier Stainier
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Endothelial morphogenesis and function during zebrafish development
2010/11/18 Dr. Roeland M. H. Merks
( HOST : T. N. Sato)
Cell-based modeling of blood vessel growth
2010/11/16 Dr. Yoshiaki Iwadate
( HOST : Y. Sakumura)
Traction forces induce cell polarity and directional migration in Dictyostelium amoebas [in Japanese]
2010/10/29 Prof. Shigeru Shigeoka
( HOST : T. Demura)
Functional diversity of Nudix hydrolase family in higher plants -Regulation of cellular responses via nucleoside diphosphate metabolisms- [in Japanese]
2010/10/28 Prof. Katsuhiko Shirahige
( HOST : N. Ogasawara)
Biological roles of acetylation of cohesin [in Japanese]
2010/10/20 Dr. Akiharu Kubo
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Structural and Immunological Barriers of Vertebrate Skin [in Japanese]
2010/10/20 Dr. Yasuhisa Sakamoto
( HOST : T. N. Sato)
The regulation of intermediate filaments: a new function for the tumor suppressor Adenomatous Polyposis Coli
2010/10/14 Prof. Chikashi Obuse
( HOST : N. Ogasawara)
Elucidation of heterochromatin structure through proteomic approaches [in Japanese]
2010/10/08 Dr. Masami Y Hirai
( HOST : T. Demura)
Omics Approach to Elucidation of Plant Metabolism [in Japanese]
2010/09/28 Dr. Takahiro Hamada
( HOST : T. Hashimoto )
Cortical Microtubule networks in arabidopsis: Certain and possible functions [in Japanese]
2010/09/17 Dr. Shinjiro Yamaguchi
( HOST : T. Hakoshima)
Strigolactone is the plant hormone that inhibits shoot branching. [in Japanese]
2010/09/06 Prof. Bernard Grodzinski
( HOST : A. Yokota)
Manipulating Photosynthesis and Respiration to Enhance Plant Productivity in the 21st Century
2010/09/06 Prof. Keiko Torii
( HOST : M. Tasaka)
Take a Deep Breath: Signaling in Stomatal Patterning and Differentiation
2010/09/03 Dr. Naoki Takahashi
( HOST : M. Umeda)
The Novel Replisome Factor ETG1 Aids Efficient DNA Replication and Sister Chromatid Cohesion [in Japanese]
2010/09/02 Dr. Norio Takada
( HOST : T. N. Sato)
In vivo imaging and molecular mechanisms of oligodendrocyte development in zebrafish
2010/07/28 Assis. Prof. Kenta Sumiyama
( HOST : H. Ogino)
What is the preservation mechanism of the ancient conserved enhancers between paralogs generated by whole genome duplication? [in Japanese]
2010/07/26 Prof. Nicolaus von Wirén
( HOST : M. Tasaka)
A role of the SNARE protein VTI11 in intracellular iron efficiency in Arabidopsis thaliana
2010/07/15 Dr. Goro Sashida
( HOST : J. Kato)
Telomere, transcription factors and myelodysplastic syndrome [in Japanese]
2010/07/14 Assoc. Prof. Katsura Asano
( HOST : J. Kato)
The roles of HEAT domain-containing initiation factors in eukaryotic translation initiation: Insights into the evolution of complex eukaryotic pathways [in Japanese]
2010/07/12 Dr. Doris Wagner
( HOST : M. Aida)
LEAFY target genes reveal a direct link between external stimulus response and flower development
2010/07/12 Prof. Mitsunori Fukuda
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
The molecular mechanism of melanosome transport in melanocytes [in Japanese]
2010/06/21 Prof. Christopher Henley
( HOST : T. Hashimoto )
Possible physical mechanisms for initiating macroscopic left-right asymmetry in animals and plants
2010/06/18 Prof. Haklak Rockville
( HOST : T. N. Sato)
Scandals of researchers and integrity in research [in Japanese]
2010/06/18 Dr. Nancy A. Eckardt
( HOST : M. Tasaka)
The Road to Publication in The Plant Cell
2010/06/16 Dr. Ayako Yamaguchi
( HOST : M. Aida)
Transcriptional regulation of floral meristem identity genes: A new pathway to initiate flower formation.
2010/06/11 Prof. Philip N. Benfey
( HOST : M. Tasaka)
Development rooted in interwoven networks
2010/06/11 Dr. Ken Birnbaum
( HOST : K. Nakajima)
Coordinating Growth Between Distant Appendages In Plants
2010/06/10 Dr. Philip Brits-McKibbin
( HOST : H. Mori)
Differential Metabolomics for Assessment of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine Pretreatment in Strenuous Exercise: A Quantitative Model of Oxidative Stress
2010/06/04 Prof. Shiping Wang
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Characterization of rice genes underlying broad-spectrum disease resistance QTLs
2010/06/04 Prof. Qifa Zhang
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Progress of Rice Functional Genomics Research in China
2010/06/01 Prof. Gerd Jurgens
( HOST : M. Tasaka)
Cell fate specification in Arabidopsis early embryogenesis
2010/05/27 Dr. Ryo Tabata
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
ジャスモン酸による開花制御機構の研究 [in Japanese]
2010/05/26 Dr. Lynn Miesel
( HOST : H. Mori)
Identification of new peptidoglycan inhibitors that potentiate carbapenem activity against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
2010/05/25 Dr. Ryo Matsushima
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
Molecular mechanisms to regulate substances in the plant organelles (Examples of organellar DNA and starch) [in Japanese]
2010/05/17 Dr. Kaoru Suzuki
( HOST : S. Takayama)
Delay of leaf senescence and extension of post-harvest longevity conferred by overexpression of the transcription factor genes in plant. [in Japanese]
2010/04/26 Dr. Hideya Ando
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
The regulatory mechanism of fatty acids on melanin synthesis via the ubiquitin-proteasome system [in Japanese]
2010/04/02 Dr. Ryo Fujimoto
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
Diversity of epigenetic control in the FWA gene within the genus Arabidopsis
2010/04/01 Prof. Karl Forchhammer
( HOST : K. Akashi)
Novel Insights in Cyanobacterial PII Signalling