平成21年(2009年)度 GCOEセミナー 開催履歴

Date Speaker Title
2010/03/30 Prof. Horng-Mo Lee
( HOST : J. Kato)
Nodal promotes growth and invasion in human gliomas
2010/03/23 Dr. Satoru Ide
( HOST : H. Maki)
A Biological Role of Silent copies of Ribosomal RNA gene
2010/03/19 Prof. Javier Pozueta Romero
( HOST : H. Mori)
Regulation of glycogen metabolism in Escherichia coli
2010/03/17 Dr. Masaya Fujita
( HOST : N. Ogasawara)
Threshold level of the sensor histidine kinase KinA governs cell fate in Bacillus subtilis
2010/03/16 Dr. Taro Kawai
( HOST : K. Nakashima)
Pathogen recognition by the innate immune system and its contribution to shaping adaptive immune responses
2010/03/08 Dr. Shinji Honda
( HOST : H. Ogino)
Control of DNA methylation in Neurospora crassa.
2010/03/03 Dr. Jun Sese
( HOST : H. Mori)
Tissue-sharing genes and their relationship to disorder, development and evolution
2010/03/01 Prof. Andrew Bent
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Functional Dissection of LRR-Kinase Receptors and Plant Defense Signaling
2010/02/05 Dr. Eiichiro Ono
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Local Differentiation of Sugar Donor Specificity of Flavonoid
2010/02/04 Assoc. Prof. Yasushi Ishihama
( HOST : N. Inagaki)
Frontline of Phosphoproteomic technologies
2010/02/03 Dr. Eiko Miura
( HOST : K. Akashi)
Comparative transcriptome analysis of green/white sectors in Arabidopsis leaf-variegated mutant
2010/01/29 Ms. Mayu Yoshikawa
( HOST : T. N. Sato)
Nobel Prize ceremony at Stockholm 2010
2010/01/28 Prof. Prem L Bhalla
( HOST : M. Tasaka)
Molecular Processes underlying Meristem Development and Floral Transition in Legumes
2010/01/28 Prof. Mohan B Singh
( HOST : M. Tasaka)
Epigenetic Programming and Transcriptional Activation in Plant Sperm Cells
2010/01/08 Dr. Madoka Narushima
( HOST : S. Komai)
Two-photon imaging of orientation and direction selective neurons in the developing mouse visual cortex
2010/01/07 Dr. Daisuke Kihara
( HOST : H. Mori)
Protein surface representation for fast structure search, docking and function prediction
2009/12/18 Prof. Koji Tamura
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
The limb blastema cell: a stem cell for morphological regeneration
2009/12/16 Prof. Ryuichi Shigemoto
( HOST : Y. Bessho)
Left-right asymmetry of hippocampal synapses
2009/12/14 Dr. Keiko Kono
( HOST : H. Takagi)
Protein kinase C and the HECT-type E3 Rsp5 mediated degradation of the Formin Bni1 is important for polarity remodeling
2009/12/07 Dr. Eran Meshorer
( HOST : T. Takizawa)
Delineating the molecular mechanisms of chromatin protein dynamics in embryonic stem cells
2009/12/04 Dr. Nozomi Tomimatsu
( HOST : J. Kato)
Distinct roles of ATR and DNA-PKcs in triggering DNA damage responses in ATM-deficient cells
2009/12/04 Prof. Toru Miyazaki
( HOST : T. Sato)
Macrophage-derived AIM (Apoptosis Inhibitor of Macrophages) topples the first domino in the cascade events for metabolic syndrome
2009/12/03 Dr. Kazuo Yamamoto
( HOST : C. Kojima)
Molecular basis of cellular size regulation
2009/12/03 Prof. Takashi Yoshimura
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Mechanism of photoperiodism in vertebrates
2009/12/03 Dr. Christof Sautter
( HOST : A. Yokota)
Exploration of genetic improvements in cereals: wheat fungal resistance and rice iron bio-fortification
2009/12/02 Dr. Jeffrey L. Brodsky
( HOST : K. Kohno)
Molecular chaperones and ER protein quality control
2009/11/27 Dr. Yuji Masuda
( HOST : H. Maki)
Dynamics of human replication factors and DNA polymerase switching
2009/11/27 Dr. Robert P Fuchs
( HOST : H. Maki)
Modulation of the proofreading activity of Pol III during Translesion synthesis in vivo
2009/11/27 Prof. Linda J. Reha-Krantz
( HOST : H. Maki)
Identification of a New Conserved Motif in Family B DNA Polymerases by Mutational Analyses of the Bacteriophage T4 DNA Polymerase
2009/11/27 Assoc. Prof. Tsunehiro Mizushima
( HOST : J. Kato)
The structural basis of the 26S proteasome assembly
2009/11/25 Assoc. Prof. Guo-li Ming
( HOST : K. Nakashima)
Regullation of adult neurogenesis by DISC1
2009/11/20 Assoc. Prof. Michiko Shirane
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Protrudin-dependent vesicular trafficking and neuronal function
2009/11/18 Dr. Shinichi Nakagawa
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Functional analysis of nuclear long noncoding RNAs
2009/11/18 Assoc. Prof. Atsushi Suzuki
( HOST : K. Nakashima)
Diversity pf stem cell system in the liver
2009/11/17 Dr. Keiko Sugimoto
( HOST : M. Umeda)
More cell or more cycle? - endocycle control in plant development -
2009/11/12 Prof. Koichi Akashi
( HOST : K. Nakashima)
Stem cells in hematological malignancies
2009/11/12 Assoc. Prof. Masaki Ito
( HOST : M. Umeda)
Transcriptional regulation of G2/M phase-specific genes during plant cell cycle
2009/11/11 Prof. Masayori Inouye
( HOST : H. Takagi)
Curiosity-driven Science
2009/11/10 Assoc. Prof. Hideo Iwasaki
( HOST : Y. Sakumura)
Spatio-Temporal Pattern Formation in Cyanobacteria
2009/11/10 Prof. Dennis Thiele
( HOST : K. Kohno)
Targeted mRNA degradation in metabolic responses to iron deficiency
2009/11/09 Assoc. Prof. Munetaka Sugiyama
( HOST : M. Umeda)
Limiters of proliferation competence in plant cells
2009/11/06 Prof. Yoshihiro Takihara
( HOST : J. Kato)
Umbilical code blood banking and role of Geminin in sustaining haematopoietic stem cell activity
2009/11/05 Dr. Saori Miyazaki
( HOST : J. Kato)
Analyses of receptor-kinases related in reproduction mechanisms; ANXUR1 and 2 are male factors controlling fertilization timing in Arabidopsis thaliana
2009/11/05 Prof. Takashi Nagasawa
( HOST : K. Nakashima)
The chemokine CXCL12 and niches for HSCs in the bone marrow
2009/11/04 Mr. Norihiro Sudo
( HOST : H. Ogino)
Analysis of the integrated regulation of the cerberus gene by transcription factors in the Xenopus gastrula organizer
2009/11/04 Assoc. Prof. Eric Chang
( HOST : J. Kato)
Coordinated regulation of protein synthesis and degradation by Int6/eIF3e
2009/11/04 Prof. Dieter A. Wolf
( HOST : J. Kato)
Function of PCI Domain Complexes in Protein Synthesis and Degradation
2009/10/30 Assoc. Prof. Takashi Miura
( HOST : Y. Bessho)
Modeling lung branching morphogenesis
2009/10/29 Dr. Masayo Takahashi
( HOST : K. Nakashima)
The years of retinal regeneration research
2009/10/26 Prof. Shinichi Hisanaga
( HOST : J. Kato)
Regulation of the kinase activity of neuronal cyclin-dependent kinase Cdk5 and its function
2009/10/26 Dr. Rie Terada
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Efficient rice gene targeting; generation of various mutants in the post-genome sequence era
2009/10/21 Prof. Hiroyuki Sasaki
( HOST : K. Nakashima)
The epigenome and functional small RNAs in mammalian germ cells
2009/10/19 Prof. Hideo Nishitani
( HOST : J. Kato)
Ubiquitin-proteasome system controlling DNA replication and genome integrity
2009/10/19 Prof. Sang-Hun Lee
( HOST : K. Nakashima)
Generation of midbrain-type dopamine neurons from neural precursor cells derived from non-dopaminergic brain regions
2009/10/09 Assoc. Prof. Kazuo Emoto
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
How do neurons establish and maintain their unique dendritic fields ?
2009/10/07 Dr. Takuji Wada
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
Trichome and Root-Hair Formation in Arabidopsis
2009/09/25 Assit. Prof. Tomotsugu Koyama
( HOST : M. Tasaka)
A regulatory network in the downstream of TCP3 during leaf development.
2009/09/25 Prof. Kazuhiro Nagata
( HOST : K. Kohno)
Alternative pathway of ERAD for glycoprotein and non-glycoprotein
2009/09/18 Dr. Naoki Mochizuki
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Cell adhesion and cell signaling for protrction of blood vessels
2009/09/18 Assoc. Prof. Yasuomi Tada
( HOST : S. Takayama)
Cellular redox changes control plant systemic acquired resistance
2009/09/07 Dr. Ildoo Hwang
( HOST : M. Umeda)
New aspect of cytokinin action in plant growth and development
2009/08/21 Dr. Kazuhiro Yagita
( HOST : Y. Bessho)
Development of circadian oscillator during the mouse ES cell differentiation in vitro
2009/08/18 Dr. Mayuki Tanaka
( HOST : M. Umeda)
Roles of NIP genes for Transport and Distribution of Boron in Arabidopsis thaliana
2009/08/18 Mr. Atsushi Saito
( HOST : S. Shiosaka)
The role of ER stress response in osteogenesis and chondrogenesis.
2009/07/30 Dr. Alan V Smrcka
( HOST : Hiroshi Itoh)
Probing G protein Signaling Pathways in vitro and in vivo With Small Molecule Gbg Inhibitors.
2009/07/27 Dr. Simon DeDeo
( HOST : T.N. Sato)
Correlation and Causation in an Animal Society
2009/07/24 Dr. Ken Sugino
( HOST : K. Nakashima)
Cell type Specific Expression Profiling of a Mouse Model of Rett Syndrome
2009/07/06 Prof. Nir Ohad
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
Regulation of stem cell maintenance by the Polycomb protein FIE has been conserved during land plant evolution
2009/07/01 Dr. Takashi Nishimura
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
A molecular mechanism for balancing self-renewal with differentiation in Drosophila neural stem cells
2009/06/30 Dr. Naoki Honkura
( HOST : S. Shiosaka)
The spine organization of actin fibers regulates the structure and plasticity of dendritic spines
2009/06/29 Assoc. Prof. Bo Liu
( HOST : T. Hashimoto)
Microtubule organization, microtubule motor kinesins and plant cell growth
2009/06/26 Dr. Jong-Myong KIM
( HOST : N. Ogasawara)
Regulation of the chromatin status in Arabidopsis
2009/06/23 Dr. Motoki Tominaga
( HOST : M. Tasaka)
Molecular mechanisms of actin-myosin system in plant specific membrane transport
2009/06/19 Assoc. Prof. Yutaka Sato
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
Flexibility in the regulation of plant gene expression through the action
2009/06/08 Dr. Masanori Nakayama
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Molecular mechanisms underlying endothelial motility and invasiveness during angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis
2009/06/05 Dr. Daisuke Sakai
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Novel functions for the Treacher Collins syndrome gene Tcof1 in the mitosis of neural progenitors as well as the pathogenesis of microcephaly
2009/06/05 Prof. Alexander Jhonson
( HOST : H. Mori)
How Transcription Circuits Evolve
2009/06/05 Prof. Jerzy Paszkowski
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
DNA methylation and transgenerational epigenetic inheritance
2009/06/05 Dr. Vladimír Sychrovský
( HOST : C. Kojima)
2009/05/20 Dr. Diana Buzas
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
H3K27me3 at Flowering Locus C is determined both by transcription state and by intrinsic locus characteristics
2009/05/13 Dr. Ryushiro Kasahara
( HOST : R. Ishikawa)
Identification of genes required for plant reproductive systems by the visible screening of MYB98::GFP
2009/04/17 Dr. Koichi Fujimoto
( HOST : Y. Bessho)
Mathematical modeling approach for evolutionary developmental biology--- arthropod segmentation
2009/04/16 Dr. Atsushi Nambu
( HOST : S. Shiosaka)
Cortico-basal ganglia loop and movement disorderes
2009/04/10 Dr. Clare V. H. Baker
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Neural crest origin of olfactory ensheathing glia
2009/04/10 Dr. Andrea Streit
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Cell Fate Specification in the Cranial Sensory nervous system
2009/04/08 Dr. Cyril Zipfel
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Deciphering PAMP-triggered immunity in Arabidopsis
2009/04/03 Dr. Noriyuki Nishimura
( HOST : A. Yokota)
Identification of new ABI1-mediated ABA signaling components in Arabidopsis