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International Student Workshop 2011 - Report -

Ms. Kristina Bezold Ms. Kristina Bezold

With the experience still fresh in my mind, the two things that stand in front of everything are the wonderful friends Ifve made and the beauty of Japan. The student workshop provided an intimate environment that made it easy get to know the other students. It think our common love for science made us all feel as though we had known each other for years and I know that those friendships will last a long time. The student-centered nature of the talks was much less intimidating than any other talk Ifve given. Also, it made me put more thought into my talk to make sure anyone from any culture could understand, which is a skill I plan to implement in all my future presentations. Finally, Japan as a country is beyond description. The food was amazing, the people so graceful and the history so rich. I am so thankful to have been selected for this experience; it will remain an important part of my memories and hopefully help shape my future.

Mr. Xuening Wei Mr. Xuening Wei

I was fortunate to participate in the 2011 NAIST GCOE international student workshop, perhaps the last one. This was a fantastic and memorable experience for me. The warm welcome and careful preparation of the NAIST hosts gave me deep impression.

We were from different countries and have different cultural background, but there was no obstacle for us to talk to each other. If confusedCwe wrote the word in the paper or expressed it by making gestures with hands. It was a very practical way for us to improve our spoken English. We known each other and became friends. We enjoyed the talk, party and drunk. I was impressed by the hospitable Japanese people and delicious food.

This workshop provided us with an exceptional opportunity to give a presentation in English (especially Japanese and Chinese students) to the audience with diverse working area. This was a miniature version of an international scientific conference. As chairpersons, we introduced and invited the speakers to give their presentation. As speakers, we reported our results of study clearly and accurately. As audiences, we asked questions and gave suggestions on the presentations. Through this workshop we accumulated detailed experience in how to participate in an international conference.

In addition, there was a breathtaking episode for me during the workshop. I lost my wallet because of my incaution. Prof. Shiozaki and GCOE faculty staff provided me enthusiastic help. Then Prof. Shiozaki told to me that they had found it. Their smiles are unforgettable to me when they handed the wallet.

Finally, I give my heartfelt thanks to our hosts for organizing a fantastic conference, during which we all spent a happy and memorable time. I hope this successful conference will go on.

Mr. Shigeyuki Ohta Mr. Shigeyuki Ohta

We had many good experiences in this workshop. I felt especially that there are big differences between Japanese, Chinese and American English. I donft mean whether someone is good at speaking English or not, but that people from different countries have different accents. So I thought that the important thing is what we want to communicate with each other. It means that we need to understand each other's background (culture, language and so on) so that we can communicate effectively. I hope that this experience will make us good scientists. Thank you very much for giving us this special opportunity.

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