Research programs

Research programs

Organization of International COE Symposia

We promote International COE symposia several times per year, each organized under a special theme.

Organization of COE seminars

We financially support COE seminars presented by active scientists, which are given from time to time in the Graduate School of Biological Sciences.

Employment of COE faculty to stimulate research

We hire three new associate professors to establish new research groups. Each organizes his or her research group with an assistant professor and technician.

Employment of young researchers

We hire overseas and Japanese postdoctoral fellows who will work in NAIST laboratories to pursue the projects identified in the COE program.

Organization of COE Colloquia

We organize COE colloquia under special themes in the Graduate School of Biological Sciences.

Invitation of internationally known scientists

We invite outstanding international scientists to visit NAIST for 1-2 months, where they will give lectures and lead discussions with students and researchers. This will stimulate an innovative atmosphere among students and scientists.

Sending young researchers to overseas laboratories

We send selected assistant professors of NAIST to laboratories overseas, to promote collaborative projects between laboratories at NAIST and their counterparts in other countries.