NAIST Global COE International Symposium 2010 "Sensing, Signaling and Cell Adaptation"

Photo (5th Global COE International Symposium)

The 5th Global COE International Symposium, "Sensing, Signaling, and cell adaptation" was held on September 11, 2010 in BS Large lecture room, NAIST, being supported by the 3rd ISPC-NARA2010 (International Symposium on Protein Community).

For the adaptation to ever-changing environments, cells use sensing and signaling systems. This symposium was organized by Professor Kenji Kohno and assistant professor Akio Tsuru, to understand the sophisticated and complex mechanism to support such systems further by looking from various viewpoints: animal, plant, and microbial biology. Leading-edge scientists, Dr. Ramanujan Hegde (NIH, USA), Prof. Bernd Bukau (Univ. Heidelberg, Germany), Prof. Peter Walter (UCSF, USA), and young researchers (NAIST) presented their recent findings related to cell adaptation: ER stress, cell differentiation, and defense mechanism. These topics were discussed actively in sessions and also at coffee break. After the symposium, we held get-together and talked about life, research and everything. Students seemed to be very much inspired by getting in touch with characters of top researchers that were closely related to their scientific career. We expect that they got hints to explore the galaxy of biology.

Here we would like to show a part of mail from each guest speaker.

IDr. Ramanujan Hegde:
We very much enjoyed the visit to Japan. I especially liked the two meetings and it was my pleasure to interact with my junior colleagues and trainees. I am very happy to hear that they were encouraged by our participation. -----
All the best,

Dr. Bernd Bukau:
I would like to thank you again, for having invited me to participate at the two conferences in Nara, which I enjoyed tremendously. The conferences were of highest quality and were stimulating. I received a number of important ideas for my own research and therefore I am happy to have participated. -------
All the best,

Dr. Peter Walter:
Your symposium was a great success, and I am honored having been part of it. There are many wonderful things going on -----

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