NAIST Global COE International Symposium Developmental Biology 2007

The 2nd Global COE International Symposium, on Animal Developmental Biology, was held on January 15th-16th, 2008 in Nara New Public Hall. The topics included morphogenesis, cell differentiation, transcriptional regulation, and regeneration during animal development. Twenty eminent international scientists, including five from overseas, were invited to speak at the symposium, which attracted more than 230 participants. Stimulating presentations by the speakers prompted many good questions from the audience, particularly the NAIST students, which impressed the guest speakers. At the mixer in the evening of the first day, the participants enjoyed lively interactions with each other. This 2nd Symposium turned out to be a great success, laying a strong foundation for further international interactions in the future.

Photo (1st Global COE International Symposium on Plant Biology)

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