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Organization of COE Colloquia 2010/04~2011/03

Date Speaker Title
2011/01/18 Assis. Prof. Bruce Draper
( HOST : Y. Bessho)
Identification and regulation of oogonial stem cells in zebrafish
2010/11/02 Dr. Robert P Fuchs
( HOST : H. Maki )
Research seminar: Role of dNTP pool size on spontaneous and induced mutagenesis.
2010/09/27 Dr. Ikuko Tsujimoto
( HOST : J. Kato)
The roles of apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1) in cardiac hypertrophy and subsequent left ventricular remodeling induced by pressure overload.
2010/05/25 Dr. Julin Maloof
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Photomorphogenesis in plants: insights from time-lapse imaging and quantitative genetics.
2010/05/24 Dr. Henri Jimbo
( HOST : T. N. Sato)
Mathematical proof of biologists' intuition by a stochastic theory