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Organization of COE seminars 2008/04~2009/03

Date Speaker Title
2009/03/31 Dr. Kengo Morohashi
( HOST : T. Hashimoto)
Transcriptional regulatory network of trichome development involving GL3 and GL1 in Arabidopsis
2009/03/23 Dr. Hirofumi Inoue
( HOST : K. Nakashima)
Shedding of the EGF family and the intracellular response
2009/03/18 Dr. Hiroyuki Araki
( HOST : H. Maki)
Molecular Mechanisms of Initiation Controle for Eukaryotic DNA Replication.
2009/03/18 Dr. Takashi Okada
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
Identification of the locus controlling initiation of apomixis in Hieracium
2009/03/11 Dr. Charlie Boone
( HOST : H. Mori)
Global Mapping of Genetic and Chemical-Genetic Networks in Yeast
2009/03/06 Dr. Paula Suarez Lopez
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Induction of potato tuber development and flowering by a microRNA
2009/03/06 Dr. Tsuneo Urisu
( HOST : S. Shiosaka)
Development and application of neural network devices
2009/01/07 Dr. Chitose Kami
( HOST : A. Yokota)
Analysis of PHYTOCHROME KINASE SUBSTRATE 1(PKS1) and PKS4 involved in phototropism
2008/12/19 Dr. Tatsuya Takemoto
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Mechanisms of neural plate development indicated by regulation of Sox2 enhancers
2008/12/17 Dr. Miguel Maroto
( HOST : Y. Bessho)
New thoughts on the requirement of Notch for mouse segmentation
2008/12/15 Dr. Toshiaki Tubota
( HOST : H. Maki)
Multiple roles for histone chaperone-dependent acetyltransferase complexes in DNA repair/genome integrity and chromatin regulation
2008/12/12 Prof. Kenichi Nonomura
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
RNA-mediated gene regulation during early development of the plant germ cell
2008/12/08 Prof. Hitoshi Sakano
( HOST : N. Inagaki)
Neural circuit formation in the mouse olfactory system
2008/12/08 Prof. Tetsuji Mutoh
( HOST : K. Nakashima)
2008/12/08 Prof. Denise Montell
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Models and movies of border cell migration in the Drosophila ovary
2008/12/08 Dr. Kunio Nakatsukasa
( HOST : Y. Kimata)
Degradation of misfolded membrane proteins at the Endoplasmic Reticulum
2008/12/08 Prof. Erez Raz
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Germ cell migration in zebrafish
2008/12/08 Prof. Yusuke Saijo
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Signal Integration between PAMP-Triggered Immunity and Abiotic Stress Responses
2008/12/04 Prof. Tomoko Doi
( HOST : S. Shiosaka)
The PDZ tandem regulates clustering of PSD-95
2008/12/03 Dr. Hiromichi Kimura
( HOST : T. Takeya)
Molecular targeted therapy for brain tumor: from tail to nose
2008/12/01 Prof. Taira Maekawa
( HOST : T. Takeya)
Development of advanced medicare and translational research under progress in Kyoto University
2008/11/28 Prof. Goichi Miyoshi
( HOST : Y. Bessyo)
Defining the spatiotemporal origins of GABAergic cortical interneuron subtypes
2008/11/28 Prof. Naoko Nishizawa
( HOST : A. Yokota)
Molecular Aspects and Improvement of Fe Nutrition in Plants
2008/11/26 Prof. Olivier Lichtarge
( HOST : H. Mori)
Evolution: a Bridge between Integrative Systems Biology and Protein Design
2008/11/26 Prof. Takeshi Azuma
( HOST : T. Takeya)
Molecular Aspects and Improvement of Fe Nutrition in Plants
2008/11/25 Dr. Benoit Menand
( HOST : S. Takeda)
Integration between nutrient starvation and land plant development
2008/11/25 Dr. Christian Breuer
( HOST : S. Takeda)
Transcriptional control of cell expansion in the Arabidopsis trichome
2008/11/18 Prof. Shoji KAMINAKA
( HOST : T. Hakoshima)
Efficient Construct Screening by Cell-free Protein Expression System and its Application in Molecular Cell Biology
2008/11/17 Prof. Michael Naumann
( HOST : J. Kato)
Modulation of signal function in the NF-kB system
2008/11/12 Prof. Manuel Echeverria
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Identification of novel microRNAs and response to phosphate availability in rice
2008/11/12 Prof. Masao Matsuoka
( HOST : T. Takeya)
Mechanism of leukemogenesis by HTLV-I
2008/11/12 Prof. Birgit Drager
( HOST : T. Hashimoto)
Protein structure modeling and ligand identification for tropinone reductases and similar short chain dehydrogenases
2008/11/10 Prof. Ryuuichi Sakai
( HOST : T. Takeya)
Tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins that control tumor formation and metastasis
2008/11/10 Prof. Claus Schwechheimer
( HOST : Y. Yanagawa)
A novel auxin transport regulatory protein kinase from Arabidopsis thaliana
2008/11/07 Dr.. Hisataka Sabe
( HOST : T. Takeya)
EGFR-GEP100-Arf6-AMAP1 pathway in breast cancer:full invasiveness is not from the inside.
2008/11/07 Prof. Laurent Nussaume
( HOST : Y. Munekage)
Genetics to unravell phosphate sensing and responses in Arabidopsis thaliana
2008/11/04 Prof. Yasuhiko Kawakami
( HOST : Y. Takahashi)
Molecular and genetic mechanisms regulating vertebrate limb development and regeneration
2008/11/04 Prof. Kiyonobu Karata
( HOST : H. Maki)
Purification and characterization of bacterial DNA polymerase V
2008/11/04 Prof. Akiko Sakasai
( HOST : H. Maki)
RecFOR and RecOR as distinct RecA loading pathways
2008/10/28 Prof. Yuichi Iino
( HOST : N. Inagaki)
Genes and neurons underlying chemotaxis and its plasticity in C. elegans
2008/10/28 Prof. Haruko Kazama
( HOST : T. Hashimoto)
Re-evaluation of physiological functions of ethylene
2008/10/27 Prof. Frederic Berger
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
Interplay between cell proliferation and chromatin modifications control epigenetic regulation of seed development
2008/10/24 Prof. Yuki Mizukami
( HOST : N. Inada)
Developmental and Molecular Mechanisms of Endoreduplication Control in Plants
2008/10/22 Prof. Akira Kawabe
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
Molecular population genetic studies of imprinting genes in Arabidopsis relatives
2008/10/20 Prof. Seisuke Kimura
( HOST : K. Shimamoto)
Natural variation in leaf morphology results from mutation of a novel KNOX gene
2008/10/20 Prof. Katsutomo Okamura
( HOST : K. Kouno)
Endogenous siRNAs in Drosophila
2008/10/17 Prof. Tohru Kondo
( HOST : T. Takeya)
Cell fate of oilgodendrocyte precursor cells (OPC)
2008/10/15 Prof. Atsushi Hirao
( HOST : T. Takeya)
Stemness preserved in tissue stem cells and cancer
2008/10/14 Prof. Xinyu Zhao
( HOST : K. Nakashima)
Intrinsic and extrinsic regulation of adult Neural Progenitor Cells
2008/10/07 Prof. Tobias I. Baskin
( HOST : T. Hashimoto)
Auxin, actin and growth of the Arabidopsis thaliana primary root.
2008/10/06 Prof. Kathy Barton
( HOST : M. Tasaka)
Unzipping Leaf Development: The Role of Little Zipper Proteins in? Establishing Adaxial/abaxial polarity in the leaf.
2008/09/29 Prof. Daisuke Shibata
( HOST : S. Kanaya)
Metabolome databases and omics approaches for systems biology
2008/09/26 Prof. William F. Loomis
( HOST : Y. Bessho)
An intercellular signaling network integrates terminal differentiation
2008/09/26 Dr. Luca Comai
( HOST : T. Kinoshita)
Genetic and molecular factors underlying postzygotic incompatibility in Arabidops
2008/09/08 Research Associate, Keiichiro Ono
( HOST : S. Kanaya)
Cytoscape: An Open Source Platform for Biological Network Analysis and Visualization
2008/09/02 Asst. Prof. Hidetoshi Saze
( HOST : T. Kinoshita )
Control of DNA Methylation by a jmjC Domain-Containing Protein in Arabidopsis
2008/08/26 Dr. Miltos Tsiantis
( HOST : M. Aida )
Using Cardamine hirsuta as a model system to understand diversification in leaf form
2008/08/11 Dr. Hitoshi Yokoyama
( HOST : H. 0gino)
Limb regeneration of Xenopus -a unique model for regeneration-
2008/08/08 Prof. Jose R. Dinneny
( HOST : T. Kinoshita )
Exploring the salt stress response of Arabidopsis from a developmental perspective
2008/07/30 Asst. Prof. Yasuyuki Kida
( HOST : Y. Takahashi )
Mechanical stress regulate carcinogenesis in zebrafish
2008/07/28 Prof. Toshiro Ito
( HOST : T. Kinoshita )
Organ identity control in Arabidopsis flower development
2008/07/14 Prof. Scott E. Fraser
( HOST : Y. Takahashi )
Imaging the cell motions and developmental mechanics of the vertebrateembryo
2008/07/08 Asst. Prof. Brad Day
( HOST : N. Inada )
The NDR1-Action Connection:Linking Gene-for-Gene Resistance and the Action Cytoskeleton
2008/07/08 Prof. Robert Fischer
( HOST : T. Kinoshita )
Regulation of Gene Imprinting in the Arabidopsis Endosperm
2008/07/07 Prof. Nicole le Douarin
( HOST : Y. Takahashi )
The Neural Crest; a pluripotent structure of the vertebrate embryo: developmental and evolutionary aspects
2008/07/07 Prof. Oscar Marin
( HOST : Y. Takahashi )
Transcriptional regulation of cortical interneuron migration
2008/06/18 Dr. Sachihiro Matsunaga
( HOST : T. Hashimoto )
Regulation of chromosome morphology and dynamics by chromosome-resident proteins
2008/06/17 Prof. Hiroshi Mamitsuka
( HOST : H. Mori )
Clustering Numerical Vectors with a Modularity Network
2008/06/17 Asst. Prof. Takahiro Yamaguchi
( HOST : T. Kinoshita )
Evolution and Development of Unifacial Leaves in Monocots.
2008/06/13 Dr. Daisuke Miki
( HOST : K.Shimamoto )
ROS3, a small RNA-binding protein required for DNA demethylation in Arabidopsis
2008/06/10 Dr. Rie Terada
( HOST : K.Shimamoto )
Recent advances in rice gene targeting: Creation of mutant rice in the post-genome sequencing
2008/06/06 Dr. Yusuke Saijo
( HOST : K. Shimamoto )
Role of protein quality control in the ER for MAMP-triggered immunity in Arabidopsis
2008/06/04 Prof. Takashi Hiiragi
( HOST : Y. Ishida )
Unique principles in early mammalian development
2008/06/03 Dr. Minako Ueda
( HOST : M. Tasaka )
Novel mechanism to regulate plant axis development :Molecular mechanism to regulate WOX8 expression asymmetry in Arabidopsis early embryogenesis
2008/05/23 Asst. Prof. Hironori Kaminaka
( HOST : T. Kawasaki )
Mechanism of transcriptional regulation to induce programmed cell death in plants.
2008/05/20 Asst. Prof.. Hidetaka Kaya
( HOST : S. Takeda )
The activation mechanism of a rboh protein which produces reactive oxygen species in Arabidopsis.
2008/05/12 Dr. William Truman
( HOST : S. Kanaya )
Establishment of systemic immunity in Arabidopsis.
2008/05/12 Dr. Atsushi Fukushima
( HOST : S. Kanaya )
Unbiased characterization of genotype-dependent metabolic regulations by metabolomic approach in Arabidopsis
2008/05/01 Dr. Ryo Sakasai
( HOST : H. Maki )
Selective effect of proteasome inhibitoin on DNA damage signaling
2008/04/28 Dr.Mitsuoki Kawano
( HOST : H. Mori )
RNA in sperm: towards the identification of RNA molecules function over generation.
2008/04/01 Asst. Prof. Katerina Bisova
( HOST : M. Umeda )
Green yeast Chlamydomonas reinhardtii - peculiarities of the cell cycle and its regulation